Looking to do some pro editing or just something nice and simple on your android device?... Read on then. Every now and then we take pictures and record vedios of memorable moments and most often we would like to give a nice touch to this memories, a nice background music, with some lovely filters. No need to transfer your vedios to your computer to edit them. these five apps will help do a good job.

Vivavideo editor for android: comes with various themes and background sounds, you can also upload a music from your device's gallery. You can merge two vedios. Reduce the clip speed (slowmotion)  as well as increase it. There is a free version which comes with a water mark after your vedio is completed but with a good number of all the features. You can upgrade to the pro version if you want it looking more professional without the water mark. I will recommend this if you just need to do a few tweaks and share with friends and family. Similar app: videoshow


So you have heard of Rooting but don't really know what it is? I recommend you read to the end to have a fair knowledge on rooting before deciding.

Rooting (Android operating system) is the process of allowing smart phone, tablet and other devices running on the android OS superuser privileges (root access). This gives the user administrative access.

Rooting is performed in other to overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices. Thus, rooting gives the ability or permission to adjust or replace system applications and settings, run specialised applications that require administrator-level permissions, or perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user. On Android, rooting can also facilitate the complete removal and replacement of the device's operating system, usually with an update of its current operating system.

There are ways of rooting an android device, these ways include

Installing or flashing a custom…


It very easy to loss files, videos and other media on your android phones and due to this there are some interesting and important developed apps that can help in recovering those files back. In past times you will need a computer to perform such functions. well in this post i will be talking of some apps for android that will aid you do the recovery just fine without a computer.      

Disk digger app(ROOTED devices): this is one of the much talked about app it has lots of positive feedback on the play store. but you will need to have superuser permissions before you can use this app but basically what the app dose is that it gives you the chance to recover files from your internal storage,and your external SDcard as well. it recovers photos, videos, music and other files. Restore image: This apps works on both rooted and none rooted devices and is less complex to use as compared to other apps, its has a friendly user interface. check out this video by Tech helpers on how to use this a…


Many people will love the fact that they can register two numbers on whatsapp but not do it on two separate devices, but then you can only download and install one of the official whatsapp for a device. Well not anymore, here is a way to activate two whatsapp accounts on one android device without it necessarily being a dual SIM device. This can be done by installing an unofficial whatsapp app and activating that extra number on it. Below are two of the unofficial apps and how to install and use them;

OBWhatsapp: this is one of the apps which when installed allows you to activate an extra number. To use this app you will have to first of all delete the official whatsapp (it will be reinstalled at the end). After the uninstallation is done you then open the file manager and locate the com.whatsapp file press hold and rename it OBwhatsapp and then download and install the OBwhatsapp then input your old number ( the one registered on whatsapp) and follow the steps to activate it. When suc…


There are some apps on the play store which are location restricted. That is, you won't be able to download or use them if you are not in that specific Location. Did you move from one location to another but the play store still identifies you to be at your previous location? I will show you two ways of solving or fixing this issue.
WHEN YOU ARE IN A PARTICULAR COUNTRY BUT WANT TO GET AN APP THAT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE PLAY STORE OF THAT COUNTRY. To do this you will need  the Fake GPS app and Phisphon handler app installed on your device and the mock location option enabled in the developer menu in your device settings. If this menu is not in your settings then follow this steps to make it appear. Settings>about device>click on the builder version at least seven time. A notification that says you are now a developer will appear. Go back to the settings and the developer menu should be there click on it and locate the allow mock location and tick the box. Lunch the phisphon han…


If you are having connection problems with your Google play store, you are at the right place to find a solution. This can occur due to many reasons but most of the reasons have a common solution so i will give the steps on solving the main reasons why the play store won't connect. After you downloaded and deleted an app  (the freedom app). To solve this follow the steps bellow; 1. Download the Lucky patcher app. 2. After the download install and open it NOTE: mark the install from unknown source in your device settings 3. if you have root access you will be asked to grant root access so click the grant button.
4. On the menu bar found at the bottom of the app click on toolbox
5. On the next page click block adds and a drop down menu will appear and in that menu click on restore file hosts and that should do it.
Go back to the play store and open the app again and if the procedure is well followed the app should open fine. 

When the storage for cache files of the play store and Google play…